Registration Disclaimer


The Soliya registration process will require you to provide information about yourself including your name, contact information, location/ time zone, nationality, gender, and date of birth. Additional information is requested but not required, including the languages that you speak, your graduation year, and a profile picture. This information is used in two ways:

  • To create a profile page for you on the Exchange Portal, which you’ll use to get to know other participants, facilitators, and staff. This profile page will be visible to all current programs participants and alumni, participating partners’ professors / coordinators, Soliya program leaders such as facilitators and trainers, and Soliya staff and tech support. No contact information is displayed on your profile page.
  • To allow Soliya staff to create diverse dialogue/ training groups, communicate with you outside of your session time, send you end of program certificates/ badges, and analyze program impact per key demographic data. 

Your contact information will be available to Soliya staff and tech support as well as to your Connect Program facilitators or Facilitation Training Program trainers.
You will be able to make modifications to your profile at any time by going to, logging in with your username and password, clicking on your username, and selecting ‘Edit’ from the black bar.

In addition to the information you provide during the registration process, Soliya’s systems automatically collect essential cookies to ensure the functionality of the Exchange Portal. These are your internet upload and download speed, your IP address, and your browser version.
You can at any moment request to have your account removed and any or all your personal data deleted. If you wish to have your account removed and/or your personal data deleted, please email

Soliya may record some of your online dialogue sessions during the semester. These recordings are created to provide feedback for your group facilitator(s), to ensure quality control, support their ability to facilitate effectively, and contribute to their professional development. All recordings will be permanently deleted within 30 days of the end of the Connect Program semester. Recordings will not be shared with any external party, and if any recordings are needed for further educational purposes, we will seek additional permission from you before such use, within this timeframe.

Please read Soliya’s full privacy policy here.